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Jazz & Blues / Original Compositions

We play and sing familiar melodies from the 30's to the 70's.  Enjoy some of our  original compositions and arrangements that bring out the harmonies of 5 accordions playing together.

Polish / Italian / Irish and more!

We bring to life the songs, and old-time favorites.  You will find yourself singing along and enjoying these musical treasures from your heritage.


We play and teach a variety of dances. How about a polka, a tarantella, a line dance from Greece or Israel? Dance what you will.... Be in step come dance a mazurka or two!

Klezmer Music & Yiddish songs

Enjoy our Freilachs, Horas and Jewish folk songs. This happy music can enliven any festive occasion and bring smiles and tapping toes to anyone, regardless of their background.

French Canadian / Zydeco

Our band plays and sings tunes from France, as well as the French Canadian, Cajun and Zydeco traditions incorporating Caribbean and African rhythms.

Children's Songs

We enrich the world of children with  traditional music, encourage participation and make learning fun. We offer school enrichment programs.

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